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Robert Kaplinger, or KAP as his friends like to call him, is a  professional photographer and founder of Some White Guy Photography & Media. KAP is veteran of the United States Marine Corps and the United  States Army.  A proud father of two boys, one an aspiring English major  at the University of Central Florida and the other an imminent High  School graduate.  

Growing up, KAP was inspired by the various  artist in his family: A mother who was a painter, an uncle who was a  Rock N Roller, and his Grandfather Rudy, who among many things, was a  photographer. Grandpa Rudy's 1941 Contax 35mm was passed down and served  as KAP’s first camera, which he still has to this day.


Currently, KAP shoots Cannon, his main workhorse, the 5D Mark III.  Primarily shoots in black and white, not only for the aesthetics, but  for the definitive influence by his grandfather’s work. 

After  shooting a Stephen Marley show a few years back, Drummer, Squidly Cole (son  of SKA legend Stranger Jah Cole) had one of his associates selling his solo  album in front of the venue. Spotting KAP as a photographer from the  show, the gentleman called over to Squidly, “Some white guy took your  photo, you should see them!” Once Squidly introduced himself, KAP  introduced himself as “Some White Guy” sharing a good laugh with the Reggae star. 



“Be the change that you wish to see  in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi  

Some White Guy Photography & Media is donates its services to or is a member of the following organizations and non-profit events:  

Surfrider Foundation, Surfers for Autism, Get a Board Foundation, the National Kidney Foundation, and the Rich Salick Pro-Am Surf Festival in Cocoa Beach, Florida. 

If you are a member or associate with a  non-profit organization and/or event  in need of  professional  photography services, please inquire.  

Some White Guy Photography & Media is a veteran owned and operated business and a member of  INTERNATIONAL FREELANCE PHOTOGRAPHERS ORGANIZATION (IFPO).

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